That land,

bare land

Land of mountains and of pines

Beauty so precious


Man separates himself from Nature

with his concrete walls

Micheal Papaianni


About Me

I have been thinking about creating a coloring book for some time but have been busy with work, family, reading, watching baseball, etc.................

Lately I have been dropping in more and more pandemic related images

Probably because that's all anyone is hearing, talking about, dealing with, hiding out from, turning their lives upside-down because of, grieving over, dying from.....

Mike Papiainni is an old poet (78 years old) and an old friend. I have always been inspired by his odd, choppy poetry.  He has had some medical problems lately and none of our circle of friends has heard from him for some time. He sent me these verses last year and told me to use them sometime. Somewhere. I hope he's OK (we say that about everybody these days). I hope he sees this.


So now there is time to put the coloring book with the verse out and appropriate imagery and even a need for coloring and for verse. There is also a call for color in our lives and poetry. For everyone to add color and their own thoughts in verse.

Somewhere between inspiration and a calling...........

Special Thanks To

Micheal Papaianni

Rich Jackson

Chaunti Hatchett

Julie Wehlage

John Wehlage

Melanie Tillman

Brenda Tillman

Anna Jackson

Suzanne Clanton

Sally Jackson

Whole Family 


Micheal Papaianni


1945 - 2020

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